Carlito's Place, Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

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Little Corn Island Nicaragua

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Tiende Kiara

Carlito and Mavor (a native of Big Corn Island) and Kiara (their daughter) also operate the Tiende Kiara (a grocery store) on the village side of the island.You can find their store about 100 yards north (left) of the municipal dock in a two story pink building.

Carlito and Mavor hope that you find their island paradise enjoyable and relaxing, and like Carlito, this corner of heaven brings you back again.

(Zoom in)The path to Carlito's Place

The path to Carlito's Place
The path to Carlito's Place

(Zoom in)"Minnow" Carlito's dog.

"Minnow" Carlito's dog.
"Minnow" Carlito's dog.

Table of Contents

(Zoom in)Mavor and Carlito

Mavor and Carlito
Mavor and Carlito

(Zoom in)The beach at Carlito's

The beach at Carlitos's
The beach at Carlito's

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